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GA1: Disarmament and International Security

Topic 1: The threats posed by the militant occupation of Afghanistan

Topic 2: The New Arms Race: Facing Bio Terrorism  

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Topic 1: Ensuring the Safety of Asylum Seekers

Topic 2: Addressing Internal Displacement

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World Health Assembly

Topic 1: Addressing the global problem of increasing rates of depression and anxiety

Topic 2: Improving the destigmatizing of mental health and evaluating access to mental health care globally. 


UN Women

Topic 1: Tackling the issue of period poverty in LEDCs and MEDCs
Topic 2: Revising access to contraception and family planning.


Clothing Store Owner

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Topic 1: Access to healthcare in prisons

Topic 2: Relations between police and the youth 

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