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#MUN Refugee


Image by Ninno JackJr

Across the world, there are 82.4 million forcibly displaced people and UNHCR is an attempt of policy makers to make change to this international issue through international discussion, co-operation and solution-building. UNHCR believes it is necessary that youth remain at the centre of this discussion on progress and therefore have formed the UNHCR MUN Challenge to keep our voice's at the forefront. 

Why We're Joining the Challenge

The Sheffield Model United Nations has the opportunity to join the MUN Refugee Challenge, where we have the opportunity to create solutions to massive world problems regarding refugees. The resolutions produced at the end of these conferences will be judged by a panel of UNHCR Representatives and other Refugee-linked organisations for potential awards. These resolutions will be introduced to policy makers to make real change in the world, as well as promoted across the internet.


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